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This summer season I have plans to visit a city I’ve never been to before, but I want to go there because it’s only a short flight, plus I’ve heard that it has a lot to offer.  Some friends of ours told me that it has a lot of beautiful art, food, plus awesome music. It sounds like just the perfect site for a summer season getaway. I plan on staying a week, plus I want to make sure that I rent the perfect house. It will be the middle of June when I go, plus the temperatures there are, on average, much hotter than those where I live, my belief is that I will be using the cooling system non-stop, so I’m going to be sure that there has been a recent Heating & A/C unit inspection before booking the site. It’s going to be so hot that I am also planning on mostly indoor activities while we were in the city. The city has tons of museums plus nice restaurants, so I don’t assume it will be too tough to find sites that keep the cooling system pumping. I guess these aren’t things that most people think about when choosing a site to vacation, however I so want to avoid being in the heat for a week.  A little bit of planning is going to make a huge difference in terms of keeping me occupied plus comfortable while I’m sightseeing. I can not wait to get there! I haven’t been on a vacation in nearly a year and a half, so I’m way, way overdue for one.

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