Zone control did not really help me

Growing up with 4 brothers was rough. Everybody’s room could be a weird temperature and the HVAC program would not affect anyone else, then zone control Heating plus A/C was all fine plus dandy, but I shared a room, so my brother and I did not see the benefits of zone control. The two of us had to decide on what to set our bedroom… Obviously my brother and I wanted AC in Summer plus heating in Winter, but the question of how much was regularly an issue… He wanted heavy AC plus light heating! I wanted the opposite of it, really, my mother would have stopped a lot more fights by adding on another room for one of us. The ductless Heating and cooling was great for most people, not so much for my brother and I, but now as an adult, I have a pressing apartment with nobody in it. The space and privacy is weird. When the Heating and A/C contractor tried to sell myself and others Heating plus A/C zone control, I could not help but laugh. Maybe I would like it now that I could control each Heating and A/C unit. But, memories of fighting over that one control component will forever be in my mind. It is kind of a joke to myself, to be honest. But hey, that is life sometimes! I’m fine with it all today!

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