Yearly furnace check up

Usually, when you’re aware of a dental visit, you’ll take the time to clean a little more well, floss twice each day, and take care of any unusual sensitivities or issues. Doing this gives you the chance to look over any known issues with your hygiene ahead of time, and minimizes the amount of work by your dentist to wash up your teeth before actually looking at them. The heating and air conditioning device in your house is no different! In my situation, I wasn’t taking the pre tune up ritual very seriously, which is why my HVAC technician scolded me about taking better care of my heater. I’ve been caught up in my work lately, which is why I kept blowing off the heater tune up. Anyway, when the heating technician showed up earlier that day, he first tested the thermostat to see if it would turn on the furnace on or off at a reasonable pace – mine did not do this at all, and took several minutes to register that the thermostat setting was even on. Second, he noticed that the thermostat was all jammed with dust, and after removing it from the wall, a small clump of dust fell to the ground. The HVAC technician was quickly losing his optimistic idea for my furnace, as he went downstairs to look over the actual machinery out. Before he opened the furnace door, he looked to me and asked when I last checked the interior of the furnace for blockage. “I didn’t know I could do that”, I told him, partially not telling the truth.

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