Wrestling matches

My childhood is filled with so multiple positive memories… I am the oldest of six children, so growing up was a chaotic, joyous time. I had so many brothers and sister, I had friends right from the beginning.  My siblings could always make myself and my parents laugh; the Wintertime memories were the happiest. Every one of us spent so much time playing in the snow and curling up with hot cocoa–nothing compared to Christmas films with my whole family! Looking back, I always remember about the old electric heater that all of us had. I remember it the best because I spent the most years dealing with it, compared to my younger siblings.  The central electric heater was so old it barely kept the house warm. There were several spots throughout the home that did not get any heat at all. However, there were a few spots that were reliably warm. My parents did not have the extra money to update the electric heater because raising so many kids is very expensive, so my family just learned to live with it. Every one of us used extra blankets during the colder days; we even wore multiple layers to keep warm.  Occasionally, the six of us would tussle over the warmest spots in the house. I cannot begin to tell you how multiple wrestling matches happened over the hot spot on the couch! Eventually, after I moved to university, my parents found the money to update that antiquated electric heater. My youngest siblings did not have to deal with this inconvenience anymore! I wish this update happened before I moved out, however I survived! I look back and laugh on those days; I don’t believe my family would be as close as we are today, if it weren’t for those cozy mornings or those wrestling matches!

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