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After university graduation party, I moved away to a large town.  I spent a few weeks interviewing for career options and eventually, I landed the perfect task at a enjoyable university.  Next, I spent a few months searching for the right apartment. It was a tedious procedure, but, luckily, I had my dad there to help myself and others find the right place for us.  He was far more experienced in this area of things than I was, so he knew exactly what the two of us needed to look out for in our search, for example, I didn’t realize how important a heating and cooling program was when it came to saving cash on biweekly energy bills.  My dad told myself and others that outdated furnaces are usually run on electricity rather than gas. He told myself and others to steer clear of these outdated systems. This caused us to pass on a few apartments that I liked, but I trusted my dad. Eventually, after viewing so many places, the two of us found the right one.  This place had a major Heating as well as A/C update, so it had a smart control unit. I had never even heard of smart control units before viewing this apartment. Apparently, this is the most energy efficient option out there. It is also truly convenient because it allows myself and others to adjust the temperature of my home from my phone.  All it requires is connection to Wi-Fi internet. Although the home hunt was a long process, it was well worth the wait. I am so blissful that I had my dad to help steer myself and others in the right direction. Now, I have an amazing home with a enjoyable Heating as well as A/C system.

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