Working hard in HVAC

It seems like it’s taking forever to get through all the air conditioning and boiler service classwork that I need to acquire this HVAC license.  I need that license to service heating and cooling systems… However i think that’s why no one ever said that it would be easy to become a licensed HVAC worker.  However, I think that the time will be well spent, once that license is received. I’ll be able to find a job with a local HVAC corporation absolutely quickly. In fact, I’ve got various HVAC companies already interested in me.  Some of the heating and cooling companies will even pay for my university courses. However I’ve got that handled already. That way, I can expect a better salary once I’m employed by one. My parents and I thought that the HVAC industry would be a nice fit for me.  Especially since we live in the south, where it is regularly hot. Let’s face it, we all like to be comfortable and air conditioning does that. I’ve enjoyed working with my hands, and my stint in the Navy is paying the university bill for the HVAC license. So all I need to do is to learn all there is about HVAC, and get nice grades.  I’ll continue to be meeting with more HVAC companies as the months pass. By then, I’ll be ready to begin my air conditioner service and furnace installation career. As a licensed heating and cooling service worker, I’ll be trained on the latest HVAC technology. With that license, I will be able to supply a nice living for myself and our future family.

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