Work just has no a/c now

Finding a teaching job is next to impossible, then for now, I am now working in a daycare center; Daycare plus teaching is not the same thing. First, I only work part time plus the money is not as good, and second, I am really a glorified babysitter rather than a professor. Finally, the facility is not as good. With a college system, everything has to be up to code. The lights, plumbing, heating and air conditioning are all maintained by the college. You can’t have students in a building that has no heating. That means if the A/C breaks during the hot season, immediately a heating and air conditioning business is en route. For the daycare center, it is independently owned. That means if something breaks, you just go without. Recently, our A/C system just up plus quit. The owner of the daycare does not want to spend the money to have an air conditioner supplier in. So, everyday the owner comes in to look at the A/C system. He has tried cleaning it, taking out parts, putting new parts in, plus switching the air filter. The A/C system still won’t turn on. The workers have resorted to googling how to do an A/C system repair. Both of us also have brought in window fans since the youngsters are so hot. I dislike going to my job knowing there is no A/C. If I worked in a college system, I would not have to work in that kind of condition. The A/C would have been fixed right away, plus class would not have been interrupted. Right now, I am trying to keep youngsters busy without any A/C on.

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