Work day and a/c service

I often get interrupted because I work from home.  Children, family members as well as neighbors don’t seem to understand that although I’m at home, I’m am working so I’m not available for conversation.  I try to ignore my cellphone, as well as I don’t answer the door when people visit. Just last Thursday, however, my hubby arranged repair for the A/C during my workday.  He figured that it would be no problem for me to meet the HVAC repairman. Although going not having a functioning cooling system was unpleasant, I wasn’t glad about the interruption once again.  If I had been given a particular time for the service, it wouldn’t have been such a major inconvenience because I could plan my calls around the appointment. Instead, the HVAC corporation promised to arrive sometime between 10AM as well as 4PM.  Since I can’t hear knocking on my front door while I’m in my office, I moved my laptop to the living room table for the day. This is far less comfortable than my workspace, as well as I’m not as productive. I finally got an email at three o’clock, telling me the HVAC service technician was on the way.  It took him more than thirty minutes to finally show up. He then dragged mud across the floors with dirty shoes, leaving a mess for me to clean up. I continued to try to work while he took the cooling system apart, however he kept pestering me with questions about my work. After fixing the A/C for about an hour, he informed me that a upgrade was need on an electrical part and would need to be ordered.  He offered to come back in a couple of afternoons to install it. There was no way I was willing to babysit the HVAC again all day. I made the appointment for a Saturday, when my husband was home, as well as told him I’d need an exact time of arrival.

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