Wishing for heating still

My friend John’s birthday happens to be on a mexican holiday. One of the best things about that is that John and I regularly end up going out for drinks for his birthday. At this point I’m not quite sure if John and I go because it’s a mexican holiday, or if both of us go because it’s his birthday. We aren’t great drinkers, but both of us both like Mexican tacos and those kind of drinks. There’s regularly booze and food deals too, so John and I have come to truly like this afternoon as a pair. I do wish it was a bit more heated this time of year, though, however generally the beginning of the spring where both of us live is still a bit icy like. The weather is sort of in the higher forties or lower fifties. That means that John and I are nice and comfortable when we’re inside the clubs because of the Heating and A/C system, but then as we’re going between places both of us are cold! We can’t wait to get to the next stop to get back into a place that has a oil heater on and running. It puts a damp spot on that night for us, because neither John or I like to be cold, and both of us usually get ready for the occasion, so we’re not exactly dressed that hot. We do make a point to grab some warm coats, but that little idea does costs us. When both of us do get indoors and like the Heating and A/C, we’re really standing around holding our coats because there’s no chairs and nowhere to hang out stuff up.

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