Wishing for a/c in my car

I know that I am in love with an inanimate object. That object happens to be my own car… I finally got a current car after about ten years of driving an aged beat up truck. This truck had hundreds of thousands of miles on it, and it was basically breaking down always, costing me tons of currency. Now with my current work, I was able to purchase a current car from the local car dealership. When going over the features of the car, the beige leather seats absolutely grasped my eye. They are incredibly fashionable and comfortable I knew it was the perfect match immediately. I also absolutely enjoyed the heating and cooling machine installed. My aged car didn’t have any a/c machine in the slightest, so I had to depend on rolling the windows down to stay cool. This car however has state of the art heating and cooling that I can set from my own cell phone. That essentially means whenever it is freezing outside, I can adjust it to be nice and toasty and vice versa! There are times when the heated seats are so comfortable that I lay in my car for a little while whenever I go somewhere! Driving down the road with the crisp, cool air blowing in my face makes me feel especially thankful for how far I have come from an aged beat up pickup truck to my absolute dream car. My next sizable project is installing radiant floors into my residence. I never dreamed I would have that type of luxury, however I pretty much said the same thing about my fabulous car.

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