Why a portable heater can help you

My girlfriend makes beautiful, handcrafted jewelry.  She always sets up at the local market on the weekend to sell her stuff to the locals and tourist. Last weekend, I went to help out in her booth and I was really looking forward to it. I typically go to the market anyway to buy my produce because of how reasonable and fresh it is. The people, like my friend, that you meet are so much cooler than those you encounter at the bigger grocery stores. There just is no other way to put it. I have met all sorts of people there and I was looking forward to spending the day as a vendor instead of a customer. The only downside of this setup is that you are subjected to all sorts of weather.  When a freak rainstorm blew in we had to scramble to cover everything up to avoid any damage. Once everything was safe, I decided to duck into the indoor vendor space to try and dry off a bit. It is a fairly small building where you can find the fish vendors and a few of other vendors who need climate control. I was drenched and the air conditioning in there was blasting. I started to shiver from the cold. I actually tried asking a staff person if they could turn up the temperature but he told me that the controls were located in the main office plus there was nothing he could do. I decided that I would be better off at my friends booth and the rain seemed to have stopped anyway.  At least being outside in the warm sun would be better than being in the air conditioned space.

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