Where we put the portable heater

My roommates and I began to have issues with our rental home last Winter season, however while a roommate and myself were perfectly hot and great with the Heating and A/C set at 65 while we were asleep and 68 durring the day, the other 2 were chilly and cold in their rooms. We checked the radiators in their rooms, and plenty of heat was coming out of them. We also checked the windows, but there were no heavy drafts to speak of. Both of them purchased energy star curtains just to be on the safe side, but they didn’t help… Finally, one of my roommates thought of it coming home from work. The two of us were heading up the driveway and noticed their bedroom windows are directly over the garage. While much of the basement is a finished space, the garage is still just as unfinished as ever. The 2 of them were consistently cold because the space below them wasn’t being heated at all–our garage has no air duct tying it to the Heating and A/C system. The two of us told them our theory and they agreed to buy space heaters. Those little electric space heaters keep each of them hot no matter how cold it gets outside, and now we don’t have to turn up the climate control to heat the entire floor just to get their bedrooms warmer. They were smart too; they took the time to shop around for great space heaters; They are rated to be energy efficient. Even when it’s so cold that the electric furnaces are running all day, they haven’t made the heating bill spike at all.

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