What I look for in a heating system

I lived in an off-campus, attic apartment when I was in college.  The locale was great, and the landlord kept the place up nicely. I was able to have off-street parking, a large front porch, and super low rent.  I absolutely loved our landlord Hillary. Not only did she frequently bake cookies for me, but she was the kindest old lady I’d ever met. She didn’t mind keeping the rent low as long as those of us living there helped out around the house.  I couldn’t ask for a better deal, and I would have continued to live with her after graduation, if not for the thermostat issue. Hillary was always a bit cold being an elderly lady. She constantly kept her furnace running and would wear a sweater throughout the summer.  She relied on her furnace no matter if the the outside weather was cold and snowy, or hot and humid. I bet her energy bills were enormous since that furnace never stopped running. I wasn’t too fond of feeling like I lived in an oven. Our apartment felt ridiculously overheated and sticky all the time.  When it was cold outside I had to crack a window, although I felt awful about the energy waste I couldn’t manage without it. When it was hot out, I had to buy portable a/c units to keep cool up there. In every window of our apartment we had a/c units running and still couldn’t beat the heat. It was terrible trying to sleep at night drenched with sweat.  Despite the fact that I loved living in that apartment, I couldn’t tolerate the heat any longer.

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