What do they expect

I think there should be more focus on work environments in the future.  I also feel that our culture is moving in the right direction by establishing more adaptive job experiences, however we need to pick up the pace. Is it necessary people to be caged in claustrophobic cubicles? Do we have to be in the office 9-5, when most work business takes place 10-3? Should the  manager of an office be designated to having complete control over the thermostat in the office? I say no! I will tell you, I was regularly uncomfortable, it was crowded, noisy, and inadequately heated and cooled. Every single day when I walked into the building, I was met with a rush of freezing air. It didn’t matter what season it was.  Winter season or a warmer season weather, it made no difference because the indoor temperature was sure to be reminiscent to being in an arctic tundra. I wore at least four layers of overcoats to my job most days, and kept a drawer full of spare hats, warm gloves, and spare socks in my desk. Often times I asked our workmates if they liked the indoor temperature air or heating settings, The responses were all similar, a sad sigh and literally their breaths crystallized in mid air. I sincerely couldn’t understand how our office spaces and the conference room could have been so brutally cold.  Heck the office manager wore shorts and short sleeve polo shirts on the job every day! Was he an alien? One especially cold day I had to pass his office and the door swung open, I was blasted with a bunch hot smelling humid air came billowing out and encompassed my body! That day I realized he had a bunch of electric heaters behind those closed doors.

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