We’re going to buy a new house

Once in a while, all of us go to a little town in the mountains in the southern section of the country. My favorite thing about this location is how the whole town smells. It smells like fresh air, wood smoke, caramel apples, and funnel cakes. I love it there, and you can rent awesome little cabins up in the hills. Even though the cabins are furnished and outfitted with state of the art Heating and A/C systems, we still always like to use the fireplaces and wood stoves for heating instead of the gas furnace systems that are provided. That’s because they just give the location a more rustic feel. It really makes it seem as if we’re actually “roughing it” out in the woods instead of in a costly home a mile from town. The last time all of us visited, it was in the middle of the winter season and it was super cold. There was even snow on the ground! We all loved chopping firewood and bringing it inside to burn in the wood burning stove and in the fireplace. Only a couple of times, I was tempted to go over to the digital temperature control to click the on button and raise the temperature in the cabin a few degrees! But, my fiance was adamant that he wanted to be a mountain man. He said that he wanted to keep me warm with nothing but an axe and some firewood he chopped! I laughed and told him that was fine with me, but if the weather got any colder, his lady was going to be turning on the oil furnace and sitting by the heating vents inside his cabin.

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