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When I was hunting for a house a few years ago I entirely wanted a fixer-upper. Remodeling a seasoned property was definitely on my bucket list, & I was in the position to make it happen. I looked at a lot of different properties, & I ended up choosing a seasoned victorian property in a historic neighborhood. I was so happy, but the home honestly came with its share of issues… One thing I had to deal with hastily was the mold issue in the property. The home had not been lived in for quite a long while, & I live in a certain region that experiences some heavy humidity. Without A/C equipment running most of the time, the property got some extreme mold manglement. I had to hire a professional to come out & disinfect the entire property quickly. After that, I upgraded the cooling equipment & made sure that the doors & windows were sealed entirely well. I did this because I wanted to make sure that I was getting the most out of the A/C equipment. Eventually, to keep from having more mold issues in the future, I went to a local hardware store & purchased a couple of dehumidifiers. I did this to keep the moisture in the home at a minimum. After doing all of those things, I felt that I could finally go forward with other renovations. Now, I have a nice up-to-date property with a bunch of historic character. I totally love living in this property, & I haven’t experienced any issues with mold since I added the dehumidifiers. Turns out those were exactly what the arena needed.

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