We’re all okay with this

There is nothing I appreciate more than getting a wonderful night’s sleep. Do you agree? If I do not get deep sleep, I am a total mess the  next day, and it’s important to remember certain things if you want to sleep well… First, don’t consume caffeinated drinks in the evening… Second, use blackout curtains in  your room , however third, have a supportive bed, but last but not least, the most important aspect of getting a comfortable night’s sleep is having the correct level of air conditioner. I, personally, like to have the room be just a little too cool; I like the air conditioner control component to be set where it seems just a little freezing. That way, I can snuggle under the covers and be all snuggly and warm. I usually set the control component on about 69, and if the truth be known, I would like the control component set even  lower than that. The main reason I don’t set the control component any lower is it is too expensive… When you live in the southwest, you learn pretty quickly that you have to save money when it comes to running the cooling system. The greatest section of our electric bill is the air conditioner. In more cooler climes, I am sure the greatest section of the electric costs is the running of the heater. It seems as if no single person is ever cheerful with the actual temperature outside, and either it is too sizzling and both of us require the use the air conditioner component or it is too freezing and both of us need to turn on the furnace, never is this more true than when trying to sleep comfortably. Sleeping demands a wonderful air conditioner component down here in the southwest.

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