We’d love to use a heater

Have you ever noticed the weird things kids will do? I am speaking from experience, kids can do some of the weirdest things in the world. things that would never even cross the mind of a normal adult! Thinking back to last summer, I babysat my nephews for a couple of weeks while my sister and her fiance went on a little vacation separate from the youngsters. I did not really suppose anything of it, but they seemed to be a lot louder as well as more rambunctious than they had ever been. But  the several weeks were over quick and the horseplay was finally over. Until the fall weather arrived and the house was hit with the night time chill. I needed to turn on the gas furnace. I flipped on the furnace expecting all to work just as it should. This is not how it went. The furnace made this horrible loud sound that sounded like screeching and grinding. I was totally clueless as to what that gas furnace noise could be. I decided to turn off the oil furnace until I could get a Heating serviceman to come help  me figure out my gas problem. When he came over to check, he found a surprising amount of toy cars as well as trains all stuck down in the ductwork. I asked him how that stuff could have gotten down there. he told me he thought it was most likely little youngsters throwing them down the air vents just to have some fun. Crazy boys. I guess they aren’t coming over with their toys anymore!

electric heater 

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