We knew that we had to do the service

Last week was the twins, Leo and Eli’s, prom… They were so happy to have their first formal, but their parents are absolutely strict, and had tons of rules for the twins.  They missed curfew on prom evening. They weren’t even drinking, but their dad was furious. He only thought the worst of them. Their punishment was the most terrible he had ever given them. They hated being grounded, but their dad made them scrub out the HVAC duct in the basement in time for  the summertime heat to arrive. The two of them lived in an area where the they had to engage their air conditioner all summer. If they didn’t scrub out all of the air vents and HVAC duct before starting it, they were sure to have immense complications. The vents were not that terrible. They were mostly just covered in really thick dust. The twins just changed out the filters and then cleaned around the vents. It was the HVAC duct that nearly killed them. When they went down to the basement, Leo said it smelled like a dead creature. He was wary to find out where the smell was coming from.  They knew the grime was bad. When they opened up the cover, they saw hundreds of disgusting dead bugs. Eli ran to the bathroom and threw up all over. Their dad had given them a mask, but it was still gross. It took them forever to scrub out all of the bugs. They each took an hour shower and yet till felt like they were covered in those bugs. Their dad took pity on them for doing the deep scrub and told them they were no longer grounded.

HVAC service plan 

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