We have a furnace in our basement now

Our teenage son likes to play his music loud. I understand his desire to do so because I did when I was his age, of course he can’t play it that loud when we have guests over or any time after eleven o’clock in the evening. Once he played the stereo so loud that the speakers blew! One Thursday afternoon the house was noisy, as usual. I never heard the clicking sounds coming from the heating system in our basement as a result. So when the house started to get a bit cold, I took a look at the thermostat and realized that the temperature had dropped by more than six degrees. The first thing I did was to run to the basement and see if I could see the pilot light. That was okay but what I noticed was the clicking sounds coming from inside the heating system. I ran back upstairs to call our HVAC company, but before I could make the call, I had to run to first floor to tell our son to turn the music down so that I could hear to make the call. Once I got the HVAC company on the phone and described the problem, he told me that the clicking sounds could be a one of several things. The motor bearings could be worn and need replacement – which should be done soon or the motor could burn out. Another cause could be an issue with the gas valve. This concern would require a professional from the gas company to repair it, as required by law. Finally, the pilot assembly could have come loose, preventing the pilot light

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