We don’t have the power

My sibling Pat is nuts for doing yoga. Pat likes doing all work outs that are popular. Pat did karate for awhile, a dance class and now my buddy is on typical yoga. I went once and I will never do it at all. I think yoga is dumb, typical yoga is even more dumb. I feel you get no work out with yoga. You typically pose for a moment and hang out. What kind of exercise is that? Where is the running, weight training and core strength? Also a workout is meant to get you tepid and your body getting rid of toxins. Hot yoga I feel is just not doing this. What tepid yoga does is make a work out even less with a heating system on. The people don’t really create their own waste by working out that hard. The facility just amps up the furnace to the point where everyone is sweaty. How dumb is that? Rather than work out much harder, they will set the thermostat a bit more. The people there could get that great sweat on by actually working out. Rather, they are just making use of a furnace to fake a good exercise. Next, what kills me is Pat is paying for this course. Pat could totally do the exercises at home. Grab a yoga DVD and crank your gas furnace on the highest amount. Perhaps set it at around 90 degrees for a bit and do yoga. Then you are all set to go.

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