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I live in the Southeast, plus we are getting ready to enter another hurricane season. Isn’t it funny that we actually have a whole season of the year dedicated to hurricanes? When I was quite a bit younger, I used to do so a great deal of work when a hurricane was looming towards our state. I would put plywood over the windows. I would bring in every single outdoor item that I could carry. I would help the neighbors do the same thing as well. I would fill up the apartment with water plus nonperishable food. Since I am a great deal older now, do you want to guess what I do? I simply leave. I don’t do very much work in the slightest, plus I just pack my important possessions plus I leave. The main reason I choose to go is simply because I don’t wish to live separate from air conditioning equipment! It seriously doesn’t matter if the storm hits directly or not, it is very likely that we will lose electricity. No electricity pretty much means no air conditioning equipment! Since hurricane season is inside the hot season, it is constantly tepid during hurricane season. We seriously need our air conditioning equipment… Many people will purchase generators so they can have air conditioning after the storm! Some people simply go to their automobile plus run the air conditioning quite a few times a day after a hurricane rolls through. I am too old to do all of those things. I just pack up my clothes plus my animal plus find a hotel with superb Heating plus Air Conditioning equipment. Hotels that are far enough away to provide enough safety however close enough to drive to are the best for me. I constantly just start driving plus then when I have driven for what I feel is enough time, I start calling hotels plus get to asking if they have rooms plus if they have air conditioning equipment that is reliable. If they have air conditioning plus empty rooms, that is where I head to.

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