We all think our home is comfortable

My home has been in the southwest for many years now. I enjoy being here because it’s absolutely appealing, and I live in an upscale community. One thing that I l realized early on is that the weather here is much different from how people feel it is. Most people imagine it as being warm here year-round, but that’s hardly the case. We experience some extremely freezing Winters, and that’s why I have to make sure our furnace stays in great shape.

            My condo has baseboard gas furnaces. I like that I have them because I don’t have to worry about getting HVAC ducts cleaned, as they don’t need them. However, I do have to ensure that I clean the dust and dirt from them at the end of each Winter. One method I follow is by using the vacuum. The vacuum lets me get most of the dust and dirt, but when I finish with that, I use a rag that has been dipped in cleaning solution and give it a wipe down. Finally, I cover the baseboard heating systems while I’m not using them so they don’t accumulate more dust and dirt while they are unused.

             Doing all of this, ensures that our baseboard heating systems will stay in good shape for a long time. That’s fantastic news because I would not like to have to replace them too often. Unlike what almost everyone thinks, Winters in the southwest can get cold. We endure snow and sleet, and I become dependent on our heating systems then!

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