Wanted the heater this evening

One of my number one things to do on a frigid evening is to build a fire and have friends over for a nice dinner. I live in a place where Wintertimes are remarkably short, so I try to take advantage of the few frigid spells we have. Last year we had a lovely snow, so I invited my friends over and got the fire blazing. I made sure that I had chopped a ton of logs for the fireplace before pretty much everyone arrived because my ultimate goal was to use it all night in place of the heating equipment. The chill in the air made it entirely nice to eat and exchange stories around the roaring fire, and the meal we had was wonderful too! To make things even finer, I have a wood-burning stove outside that I used to cook essentially everything. I don’t get to use it very often, but it was perfect for my evening with all of my friends… Sometimes I wish that the winter months lasted a little bit longer where I live so that I could take advantage of the charming wood-burning appliances that I have in my property a great deal more often. However, I wonder if the evenings when I get to use the fireplace and gas stove in place of electric appliances are more special because they are something of a fine treat. I guess all of the frigid weather has pretty much left us, but it was nice while it lasted. There’s nothing really like spending the evening near the fireplace with a meal that was prepared over a wood-burning stove!

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