Wanted a central HVAC

There truly is nothing quite as frustrating as troubleshooting a significant problem long after the initial issue has begun. Have you ever wandered into a situation that you didn’t help to create, only to be informed that you will need to resolve it? Well, as a mom and a supervisor, I deal with this problem especially often. I’m ridiculously accustomed to people making large messes, saying nothing, and leaving them behind for me to come clean up. Such is the life of a born problem-solver, but when it comes to my parenting and profession, I fully expect these jobs to fall on my own shoulders… As a paying customer, on the other hand, I expect better from the trained service professionals I spend money for. That’s basically why I’m so angry right now, trying to figure out if I need whole current HVAC equipment at home, or a whole current HVAC dealership. Everything went downhill around here while I was out of the country and I started receiving notifications from the smart temperature control that the A/C equipment was entirely offline. I called in an HVAC professional from our official HVAC repair shop and assumed they would make the cooling equipment repairs before I arrived back to my property. By the time I was back in the country, though, our smart temperature control informed me that our furnace was now completely unreachable. Soon I had the HVAC worker back at our property, but only a few hours after he left, our temperature control was sending out S.O.S. signals once more. At this point, I’ve had over 4 professional HVAC appointments, without seeing any difference in our air temperature control equipment. I’ve walked into a situation where I don’t know who is to blame, our HVAC equipment or our official heating and cooling specialists.     

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