Want to rest up in the a/c

I have said it numerous times in the past, plus I will unquestionably say it numerous times in the future, I have a great dislike of camping.  I can’t understand why any intelligent person would want to go camping plus spend hard earned money to do it. If I didn’t have a new home to go to, I would never not choose to sleep in a tent with bugs the threat of inclement  weather. Have you ever touched the side of a tent when it was raining? The rain quickly begins to ooze through that area of the tent and before long everything inside the tent becomes wet. There is no drying it, unless you have a roaring campfire.  You camp in the summertime right? Why would anyone want that kind of heat in the summertime. I would not want any type of heating in the hot summertime. I want nothing but cooling air conditioner in the sleeping area. I don’t want the reek of wood smoke in everything, or the taste of wood smoke on all our food.  When I close my eyes for the night, I want perfect air quality, plus not air that stinks rotting leaves and wood smoke. I want a soft bed, plus not an air mattress on the ground with damp soil plus rocks. I want the air conditioner blowing on my body and not warm winds that stinks of burnt wood. I want to know that I can walk out of our sleeping area and be able to go into the clean lavatory with running water for a cool shower.  I don’t want to crawl out of the tent and forced to walk a half mile when all I want to do is pee unquestionably badly. In my opinion camping is not fun. All I want is a hotel room, a soft bed, close clean bathroom plus everything is air conditioned.

a/c set up

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