Want the fitness center to have a/c

In my mind, I created a smart program as to how I’m going to start exercising, lose weight, and even eating better. Unfortunately, several of those plans do not come to pass. Reason being is that I tend to slack off.  This is why I finally decided that I was going to join a gym. Because paying a weekly fee, i’d have to go or else it would be a waste of money! When I first toured the facility it seemed okay, although, I could tell that some of the machines that they showed me would be more like torture implements then workout items.  I bit the bullet and joined with a 12-month membership fee which meant that if I did not use it I would just be paying them the wasted money. I decided on a schedule that I could handle, but on the 5th time going, I realized that I wasn’t getting much out of the workouts. I would be good for the first bit, but then I was so overheated that I felt as though I could not go on after that. I regularly thought that one of the perks of belonging to a gym was the fact that you would could exercise in an air conditioned space, thereby alleviating the fact that you had to sweat to death to get in shape. This was not the case at the gym I joined. I know the owners felt that dripping with sweat was a way of detoxing the body. I disagreed! Really wish I would have found that out before joining for a whole year.

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