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What a night! I feel fantastic and I’m ready to take on the world! I’m fully renewed, refreshed, and my brain feels as though I’ve taken 15 years of exhaustion away… What’s so amazing about this particular evening? I finally slept last night, and slept well! You see, I’ve always battled with insomnia for as long as I can remember… Occasionally it’s better, and sometimes it’s worse. However my penchant for terrible sleep has been around since I was a little kid. Lately, however, it has been particularly bad. While some of the disturbance is definitely due to stress, I know a crucial portion of my nightly battle was caused by terrible indoor temperature control! Thank god the two of us finally got that air quality issue resolved when my partner and I had the AC updated Last week! I was really shocked to find out that our boyfriend had arranged for the central heating and A/C professional to come out to the house. He certainly surprised me when I opened the door and found a big utility truck pulled up in our driveway, with a gruff ventilation expert in front of me. He asked to see our central AC unit, and began tinkering with the out of date cooling system for about an hour, At that time, he came and reported to my partner and I that he highly commanded the two of us update the seasoned central cooling plan ASAP. As I suspected during our long, sweaty nights when the AC system was supposedly running, he said that the seasoned cooling plan had seen its last rodeo. From there, my boyfriend worked with the heating and air conditioning contractor to find an appropriate air conditioning system and arranged the installation for the very next day! I thought it was so selfless of him to update our AC just so I could sleep better… until I found out it was entirely to increase our need for cuddling at night.

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