Want stronger HVAC ducts

When I was told that the outdated duct plan had been torn apart by pests and rodents, and needed to be replaced, I was… a bit frustrated.  I’d just spent a fortune renovating our Heating, Ventilation & A/C plan a year ago, which included the updating several pieces of our outdoor Heating, Ventilation & A/C cabinet such as the compressor, condenser and the copper lines. I’d even gone so far as adding a touch of current technology by switching the outdated dial temperature control to a new digital temperature control, just so I could closely manage peak usage hours and program a sleep schedule, but as furious as I was about these air duct disfigurements, I was presented with another opportunity to try a different approach to moving treated air throughout the house.  The Heating, Ventilation & A/C dealers I have worked with in the past were called in once again to help. They said I could do a one of several things: I could update all the torn apart ducts with fiberglass air ducts, or I could try a different route with metal air ducts. Intrigued, I asked what the big difference was. Aside from a few minor factors, the dealers made metal air ducts sound more of a big expense with little payoff! Basically, metal ducts could be beneficial only because they can be far more resistant to damage! While that sounded great, I wanted to focus the concerns at the source, not treat a simple symptom! I told the gentlemen I preferred to have new fiberglass ducts installed, however not before I could call in a pest control team and deal with these rats for once and forever. It only took about a month for me to get an exterminator to come out, remove all the rodents in the attic and the crawl spaces, put out tons of traps, and then declare our house rodent-free!  I was happy, because going through one more month without a/c would’ve been a huge challenge.

HVAC ducts

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