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My family and I live in the northeast part of the nation.  We periodically have rough Winter seasons but the summer seasons are usually very mild and especially charming.  But with each passing year we have taken notice that the summer seasons are getting warmer and warmer! Of course we had an up-to-date and energy efficient oil furnace in our residence.  We had never had a/c in our residence before however. The afternoons were normally very cool in our area and it seldom ever climbed to over 85 degrees in the summer season. These last few years were quite a bit hotter and more humid than ever.  We used box window fans to cool down most of the residence… We finally broke down and bought a compact window a/c device for our family room. However, we could not spend our whole summer season hiding in the family room in order to stay cool. My spouse finally said that it was probably time to look into central a/c.  The words themselves seemed foreign to me. Almost no one that we knew had central air in their residences… It was the right time to be trendsetters and have central air conditioning installed. I called our local heating and cooling shop and soon a salesman was kneeling in my residence explaining to us what central a/c machines could do.  Within a few afternoons we became the proud owners of a state of the art, energy efficient central air machine that worked beautifully with our current oil furnace. The outdoor compressor was totally quiet and not offensive to look at! The exceptional air quality was the best thing of all! The whole residence was the same temperature and the air was not humid in the least.  It was especially comfortable in our residence. My spouse had to ask why we never got around to doing this sooner!

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