Want him to get a job in HVAC

   Family really does know best sometimes.That’s what I keep telling my youngest nephew, who really doesn’t assume jack about living life as an adult, however he’s 17 years old, plus he has large dreams that are doomed to fail; No matter how hard I keep trying to convince him to aim a little lower in life, he’s still desperately grasping at straws, following this wild dream of his! This guy thinks that some day he’s going to be an insurance salesman. I keep telling him, no one in this family has a high class job like that, plus he needs to follow the family company plus join the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C industry like the rest of us.

            His uncle John was a Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C specialist from the morning we met. He won me over with his amazing knowledge of heating plus cooling system, plus I fell in love with him on the morning that he installed my  first AC window unit.. I had never seen something so appealing as a finely tuned cooling system equipment, free of any black mold or dripping brown water or anything! That cool air that came out of the front air vent felt like heaven, plus it never made my lungs itch or our left my arm numb. I loved John until the morning he died, tragically installing an AC equipment in the rain, and was struck by lightning

             . I keep trying to tell my nephew that this is the trade he should follow, bringing satisfaction plus safety to everyone through spectacular indoor air solutions. I never had kids, so there’s no one to continue the air quality legacy; Besides, since John passed away, no one has changed my own AC air filter, and who else is going to take over my Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C repair?

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