Want a heater when we go clubbing

As much as our parents hate to admit it a big part of living the college life is also the nightlife experience in a college town. Spending the night out with our friends while enjoying our freedom to hang out at awesome bars.  That was the life when I was a young college student. I attended a college in the northeast in a major snow belt area and this didn’t leave much opportunity for outdoor activities during the winter months. The cold weather up there was brutal, bitter plus unforgiving, but rarely did we let the weather get in the way of our awesome times! One big part of that was how every place in city had top-of-the-line heating systems running each night to combat the cold.   If it wasn’t for those amazing heating systems I don’t know how we would’ve stood a chance at being out in cold temperatures every night! I remember this one bar in particular it was typically our favorite. This establishment had video game systems hooked up to flat-screen TVs, in addition to a 3-story bar that had every arcade game known to man, some of them we had never heard of. It was awesome to be there, and we couldn’t get enough of the place whenever all of us went. I loved this bar the most, not only for the fun features, but because the heating in this bar was the best of any bar we decided to go to. Most bars had oil furnaces that would task a little too hard which in turn I’d find myself sweating heavily within an hour of being there. This bar, however, typically kept the rooms just warm enough to be comfortable while still keeping it cool enough that we weren’t leaving there covered in sweat. This way, we could play games and get really into them, all while keeping our cool…pun intended. Sometimes I think back to those nights, and how much I miss those days at the bars with my friends. Maybe I should head back one weekend for old time’s sake?

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