Want a ductless heater and a/c in the future

I used to have a few roommates that I consistently argued with about the thermostat adjustments. It’s difficult for three individuals to easily agree on the settings for the A/C component. I easily learned that in a difficult way. That was the time I transferred from that apartment plus got my very own apartment. I easily vowed that if I easily lives with another family, I would be certain to have a Zone heating plus A/C component. These types of Zone control heating + A/C units work extremely well, especially for numerous lady households where people like each room set differently. This means that a single lady doesn’t necessarily have to freeze, just because another single lady appreciates the A/C component running. When myself plus others had old roommates, this could have easily been a saver of life. I was constantly feeling warm, because both of my roommates didn’t like to keep the A/C component asking too hard. I don’t think I will live with some roommates again, because it was incredibly frustrating the first time. I like being able to control the heating + A/C component on my own, plus not hear anyone complain about the settings or being too hot or being too cold. It makes things easier to live under a roof where everyone has the same heating + A/C component needs. Now I finally know how important it can be to agree on these types of things. I think that having roommates is a great thing, if you all have the same basic needs.

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