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When my spouse and I go camping, we never forget to bring our dogs. Not only do our dogs love car rides, but they love to hike through canyons and go on adventures with us. They really love when we find a place for them to swim. We used to tent camp, and then we would leave our dogs behind since we wouldn’t have air conditioning to keep them safe and cool. Recently, my spouse and I decided to purchase a camper that would accommodate both of us and in addition to that our dogs. This way, we can bring our dogs camping without having to worry about them being in the heat all day. Having the camper isn’t just great for our dogs, though, it has also improved our own camping experience. Now we have a nice shower, running water, and a flushing toilet in our camper. Then in addition to that, we also have a particularly nice central Heating and A/C unit. The central Heating and A/C equipment is ducted throughout the camper to make the interior air perfect and comfortable. We have a traditional thermostat to control the heat and air conditioner levels. We have two air vents in our bedroom, and two air vents in the living room. The bathroom has an exhaust fan and a window, so no there is no need for vents. The two air vents in the living room are located right above the dining table. The pets like to kneel behind the table so the air vent blows air right onto them. Having an air conditioned camper means we can bring our dogs camping, so we’re very happy.

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