Walking A/C

My dad used to work as a carpenter when I was growing up. He used to build houses for a living, but when I was about twelve years old, he decided to pursue his dream of becoming an HVAC maintenance professional. One of my favorite stories that he always tells about a job he was at to work on an outside air conditioning unit. He says that if an outside A/C unit or a heating pump has a fan blade that happens to get warped or damaged, there will be trouble. At this particular job, the outside air conditioning unit had a fan blade that flew off. Since it became out of balance with one blade missing, the whole unit started vibrating so much that the whole entire A/C unit just “walked” all around! At this A/C job, my dad said that the A/C unIt had completely walked all the way off of its concrete foundation pad in the backyard. He said that it was so far off the concrete foundation pad that he thought someone had run into it with a car! As he did the A/C inspection, he found that a car hadn’t hit the unit after all. It was that the fan blade had come off while the unit was still running. Then the whole entire unit vibrated so much that it walked all the way across the pad into the yard. Dad said that the only thing that kept the outside air conditioning from walking on into the next county was the fact that electrical hook up for the A/C unit was still connecting it to the house!

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