Waiting too long on the HVAC

Why can’t he just take care of some of the things? I ask myself this question frequently. I ask it when I option up my hubby’s dirty socks from off the bathroom floor where he threw them, a foot away from the hamper. I ask it as I glare down at a bagless trash can which I had asked my hubby to empty the night before. I also ask myself this question whenever I’m stuck trying to find time to make an appointment for something that I don’t have time to do, prefer when our HVAC plan needs fixed. This HVAC repair thing happened recently, in fact, our annual maintenance was due on the heating as well as cooling system, as well as instead of taking care of the appointment when in a timely fashion, my hubby procrastinated. Then, the air conditioner stopped really blowing cold. I wonder why… There was abruptly an immediate need for an HVAC repair guy as well as the earliest service time slot that was available happened to be on one of my days off, which I had previously designated to better and more fun things. On top of attempting to get all my errands done, cleaning, as well as finding some time to entirely relax on my afternoon off, I had to hang out looking for for the HVAC repair guy to arrive as well as then show him downstairs. I was able to do some of the household work while he worked, as well as so was able to get everything done that day, however it was more the principal of the whole thing. Somehow I was forced to be the one trying to do everything while my hubby’s days off mostly consist of putting his feet up as well as playing video games.

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