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Have you ever tried to watch someone who is grilling in the middle of a snowstorm? If not, you should take a ride by my uncle’s home in the middle of winter because it’s quite entertaining. He stands out they are covered in head-to-toe with his parka, gloves, and warm hat, while trying to wrestle with the barbecue to keep it going! The most interesting thing is that he has this huge propane torpedo furnace going next to him as well, and I am not sure that the furnace really does much because the wind is usually blowing but it makes him feel better that it is there. When he finish this making food he always comes in then brags about his barbecuing skills while the rest of us just sit laughing, but although it is nice to have meat that has been char-broiled in the dead of winter, I don’t feel that is worth the effort myself. I would much rather sit in the current home with the Heating and A/C system keeping me nice and comfy and bake something in the oven. I have tried to convince him that you can achieve the same type of flavors using sauces and spices in the oven as you do outside but he will not hear of it. I feel one day that I will challenge him to a cook-off to see whose food really taste better and also who felt better while cooking it. Every time he comes in from the grill he is practically frozen solid on any of his body parts that are exposed. He heads over to the vent for the Heating and A/C system and stands there until he completely thaws out. Meanwhile, those of us that have stayed in the home are completely comfortable.

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