Very informed on HVAC

I have learned way too much about Heating and A/C for somebody of my young age. My task is that I write plus proofread Heating and A/C contents. I also write and post about Heating and A/C on social media for a few Heating and A/C companies. It is not a terribly exciting work, but it pays the bills. What is interesting to me is that before the work started, I knew nothing about Heating and A/C. I did not even realize that Heating and A/C stood for heating, ventilation plus air conditioning. I also could not even name one type of Heating and A/C product. I did not guess that own a gas powered fireplace plus a central cooling system. I also did not guess about air filters, air quality or smart temperature control. What is surprising, is now that I have this comprehension, Heating and A/C comes up for me all of the time. People are consistently complaining about Heating and A/C plus not fully realizing it. Movie theater too cold? That is the AC plan set imofficially. The hospital air conditioning is too chilly? There are regulations that require the medical facilities to do this. Is the ice rink lacking in real heating? That is because the rink needs to stay cold plus hard. Heating and A/C is literally everywhere plus it effects tons of businesses. Now that I write about these products, I can connect with a lot of bizarre people. I am able to chat with my Great-Grandparents about their free gas plus how it affects their heating. I can talk to my elderly manager at the grocery store about him installing a modern media UV air purifier. This is Not terribly exciting comprehension to have, but it has proven very useful for me time plus time again now.

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