Vents and discomfort

Mommy is all about savings! She prides herself in her ability to clip coupons plus save hundreds on food stuff every month. She brags about the deals she gets on clothing plus shoes. She’s even found ways to save on household repairs. I applaud her thrifty ways because they save her hundreds, but I recognize that there has a great line. She never listened to me though. Last summertime, she l acquired an expensive lesson.

              Her air conditioning unit broke down on one of the hottest summertime afternoons. That day broke temperature records. She was dying, but she refused to spend a lot on a fancy repair. Instead, she went onto some obscure website plus hired a cheap HVAC repairman. She was so proud of her ability to find a cheaper option so readily, until it all went wrong. The person that came to her home the next afternoon was a student that was enrolled in some HVAC courses. This guy wasn’t even certified to be doing work like this.  Most people would’ve turned him away, however not my mother. She allowed him to come inside plus try the repair. Long after his arrival, the air conditioning unit was in pieces all over her kitchen. He tried to put it back together but he couldn’t. ,He ended up leaving it the way it was…

            Mommy called admitted that it was the wrong option plus finally called a professional, but it was too late. She ended up getting a replacement. I wish she had listened to us in the first site; for it would’ve saved her a lot of cash.

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