Using a catalytic, clean-burning stove at the cabin in the woods

My friends and I are big fans of outdoor adventures. The aesthetic appeal of spending time in the wilderness, observing nature – that’s what makes us love our weekend trips to the woods, either up north or further south. On occasion, we take longer vacations that require extensive planning. On these trips, we spent an entire week or more in the same cabin in the mountains of the midwest. We love going here because the seasons are so balanced and enjoyable. This time, we decided to go during the beginning of Winter, because we thought we could get some cold weather without freezing to death! Well, we arrived at the cabin and found that it was much cooler than we anticipated. Thankfully we packed for the cold, but we really put our apparel to the test! We usually don’t stay inside all day and night in front of the TV, but one night it was so cold that we had to stay in the cabin to stay warm. That was when my friend said we should fire up the stove. The rest of us completely forgot about it, and had been accustomed to thinking it was just for decoration. After we checked it out to make sure it was clean and ready for use, we loaded some wood from the back porch into it and got it started. This stove was a catalytic, clean-burning stove per the instructions left by the cabin’s owner, and that made us feel better knowing we weren’t dumping smoke into the nearby woods to stay warm. Even if we were, I think we were all ready to do it if it meant warming up enough to sleep through the night!


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