Used to having a heat pump

When my hubby, Bill and I moved down south, it was a really huge transition for us.  Both of us had lived our entire lives up north, where the weather is pretty cold for the majority of the year.  Our cabin up north had a boiler system, and it relied on water to supply heat energy to the entire home. The boiler was so powerful and linked to a snow melt plan installed beneath the driveway.  We always got many feet of snow, but plowing and shoveling was totally time consuming. The snow melt plan was such a luxury, but we hated brushing snow off our vehicles and scraping ice from the windshields.  The boiler was versatile, but it did not supply any type of cooling. Since our warm seasons were rather short, we kept open windows, box fans and portable cooling systems in the master bedroom. When we move down south, our house will be equipped with a heat pump.  Bill and I were a bit confused by this at first. We thought we’d only have heating capabilities. Since the weather is warm and humid all year round, the Bill knew a cooling plan would be priority. Both of us found out really swiftly that a heat pump combines both cooling and heating in a single unit.  We’ll switch between heating and cooling mode with a convenient push of a button. There’s no combustion process since the heat pump runs on electricity, and no fumes, warm surfaces or carbon monoxide. The heat pump operates just pretty much like a conventional cooling system. The rare times we need heating, the plan reverses operation to draw ambient heat from the outside air and transfer it inside.  

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