Used HVAC is not that bad

When I was in grad school, I was having a really difficult time making ends meet.  I really wanted to get my masters in Lit, but it was really time consuming. There weren’t enough hours in a day to work a full-time job and to do all of my studies.  I needed something that gave me more time. Even though most of my studies were online, I still had a lot of reading to do. I met a man who was looking for a super for his apartment building.  He told me that pay wasn’t very much, but I had free rent and my own apartment. All I had to do was minor repairs. I jumped at the opportunity. It was funny because I didn’t get a lot of complaints, but mostly it had to do with the HVAC.  There were so many families in the building, and they were using their cooking stoves to heat their apartments. The HVAC wasn’t adequate enough to give proper heating. I asked the owner of the building, and he told me that he also lived there, and unfortunately, everyone here was in the same boat.  My brother is a HVAC contractor and he has a program for low income families. He gives free HVAC units to anyone who is qualified. I thought everyone in the building fit his qualifications. He did all of the applications and within two weeks everyone in the building had perfect HVAC systems in their apartment.  The owner was amazed and so grateful that he offered me a huge pay raise, which I refused.

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