Uncomfortable Home

I grew up in the north-east part of the United States. The house we lived in had a radiator to heat the house, and a window air-conditioning unit. I remember always being cold in the winter, and always being hot in the summer. The AC would always freeze up so we would have to open the windows and use box fans to try to cool the house down. When it was cold outside it felt really cold inside, too. The radiator didn’t put out enough heat. I would have to stand directly in front of it to feel anything. I would wake up, grab my clothes, and then get dressed under the blankets.

             I don’t believe that radiators are the best heaters to have. It’s amazing to see just how far technology has come. The heaters and air-conditioners are far more advanced nowadays. Yet, with that advancement in technology comes higher utility bills. I can’t imagine what my parents might’ve paid for heating and cooling our house. It seems that the cost for such luxuries is on the rise.   

            I don’t know how I ever survived growing up in that old house. I feel sorry for anyone who had, or has to live like that. I’m sure other people had it worse than I did. I remember hearing noises throughout the night. I guess that could be listed as another con of having a radiator heating your house. My mother always told me that the noises were air bubbles trapped in the water. It makes sense, for when pipes heat up they expand. I of course believed there was a ghost in the house. Kids have the wildest imaginations.

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