Trying to repair my cheap HVAC

My roommate & I decided that the two of us truly needed to have some sort of air conditioner last warm season.  I seemed that no matter what the two of us tried, our home was always sizzling.We pooled our money & got two portable units that simply stood on the floor & vented out the bottom of the windows, it was wonderful! We got through the warm season & slept well in the evening.  At the end of the season put them away in the shed, though the area had no weather condition control whatsoever; This year, when the hot weather rolled in, we thought we had the units. Wrong! We turned them on waiting for cooling relief, but we got really foul smelling tepid air.  Apparently, you are not supposed to store the units where the temperature reaches well below freezing. We read the owner’s manual to see what might be wrong with them. We should have done that to begin with. Now, I have been on the phone with various HVAC companies to try & get someone to maintenance the units. Most of them say that we can bring them in & they will look at them for a fee. If they can’t be repaired, we don’t get our currency back & they will recycle them for us.  No deal for us! We just bought new ones and stored them properly!.

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