Trying to fix up the a/c

Of all of the things that could have happened when our in-laws came to visit last week, the heating system just had to go out! It was the afternoon that everyone was hoping to arrive for our annual Christmas party, but it was our year to host the family get-together, so everyone came from out of state to bunk with me. I was so frightened when I went to adjust the heating plan plus the heating system wouldn’t turn on. I guessed that everyone would be miserable in a freezing house with no air conditioning system. I had just a couple of ideas. I could inform the HVAC worker plus spend our savings for an emergency repair that would cost a fortune, or I could attempt to repair the heating system myself. I elected to have a look at it before completely giving up. When I went around back to take a look at the compressor, I couldn’t find anything malfunctioning. I tested every part, but something seemed wrong. So, I went back inside to the thermostat. As I did, I remembered having some concerns with the wiring in the thermostat when I first moved into the condo. I had a look at the wiring, plus just as I supposed, a wire had come loose! This was a huge comfort for myself and others because a loose wire was an simple fix. It only took me a few seconds to have the problem solved. I was happy because just before everyone arrived, I had the heating system completely back to normal. However, that startling moment was enough to make myself and others think twice about having our HVAC inspected and tuned up.

air conditioning tune up

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