Tore apart the compressor

Some people have pets that bring weird gifts to their front door. Cats bring dead parakeets, cats bring old tennis balls, and friends leave their lighters, phone chargers and other random junk. It’s rare that anything left behind by humans or animals is worthwhile, however rare doesn’t mean never, and such a circumstance came to me when I was living out in the southwest area of the country, in the sizzling desert. I had a massive back porch with a screen door outside, and our real door inside, but when I first moved to the area, I was warned by neighbors that the wildlife can prowl at night, so I’d better keep anything – living or not – inside the house, not wanting to seem like a know-it-all outsider, I agreed, and brought most of our things in at night. One night though, I remember hearing what sounded like a vehicle crashing just outside our house! I jumped up, running to our front door to look outside, however there was nothing – no cars, no people, no wildlife. But after being up for a moment, I thought I must’ve dreamt the sound. I found out that wasn’t the case when the afternoon came, because I woke up to an incredibly overheated household. I went to check the thermostat, and found that there was no input showing up on the gadget’s face. Slowly I put it together in my head, as I walked around to where the compressor for the central air conditioning was located, that’s when I saw the electric cables frayed and torn up! Apparently, a wild animal must’ve bit into the cables, shocked themselves and threw themselves against the compressor out of surprise. I wish I could’ve seen that happen – it might’ve been worth the headache of getting these darn cables replaced!

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