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When we first go married and needed to decide whose house we were going to live at, it made sense for my husband to move into my place. It is closer to his work anyway and I live is a fairly sizable place. We’ve lived in it for about three years now, and we’ve noticed a lot of things about it that we would love to change. The house is divided as an upper/lower and we live in the bottom half.  It was a great investment property and I bought it with some inheritance money when I was younger. Each unit has its own utilities and HVAC systems. When it was just me residing here, that was a good setup, but when my husband moved in, we became a bit cramped. The upstairs tenant had a lease so we were unable, until recently, to take over that space too. Since then, we made the choice to do some upgrades and renovations. I quickly realized that having all that space was way too much! On top of that, paying monthly energy bills for two apartments was a headache. The utility company wouldn’t give me just a single bill for both. They insisted that if the apartments had separate heating systems and meters, then they couldn’t be put into a single account. I tried to explain that I owned the entire building but they just wouldn’t listen. All that went into using the extra space just seemed inconvenient. We realized that we really missed being ramped after all and moved all of our stuff back to the lower level. We posted the for rent sign and within a few days, we had new tenant and the extra income to do the changes to our own place that we wanted to do. I even had time in my schedule to make appointments for the annual HVAC check ups that were overdue. . It was certainly the right call to downsize!

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