This unit is covered in dust

I hate the look of my air conditioning system very much. Honestly, my air conditioning system is substantial in size, metal, and dirty looking. And it truly does not matter how many times I wash and spray it down, the A/C component looks filthy. I thought I solved the ugly A/C component problem, but now I believe I did not. So, I put my decorative bench and tons of plants in front of the A/C unit. I hid the component completely, you see, and as a result my house looked a lot better. It seemed to look grander and a bit more classy. I had the cooling component blocked for around a month and was glad. But I then opened my energy bill and I was immediately unhappy. My bill was twice as much as I expected! I realized that by blocking the AC, I am inadvertently making it harder to supply my house with cooling. The air conditioning system component had to stay on longer and push harder yet it still failed at bringing my house to the temperature on my thermostat. Then I learned online that if I kept the air conditioning system blocked in that way for much longer, the air conditioning system will simply shut down. The A/C component will either stop working, mangle itself so it needs a vital repair, or it will just run my bills higher. So I had to remove all the blockage from our cooling system. Not only was it necessary for my bills but it was also vital to the health of the A/C unit. So now it is back to mucking up my whole place. It still looks big, unattractive, and dirty in my home office…and I have no solution now.

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