This room is too hot

I live in a small subdivision located about an 15 minutes outside a large city.  Our city was thoughtfully planned for families, with a big park in the center, walking paths, as well as a beautiful wooded area with picnic benches.  All of the homes were built by the same construction company, as well, so they are really just alike. Each of the houses is equipped with the exact same heating and cooling system, and the equipment is also the same age.  Since this area of the country experiences dry, hot summers as well as brutally frosty winters, the heating and cooling equipment carries a constant and heavy workload. After I’d lived in our home for over seven years, I started seeing more Heating and A/C maintenance vans in my vicinity.  Just about every other month, one of my neighbors was faced with repairing either the oil furnace or the air conditioner. Because I have been overly conscientious about air filter replacement as well as seasonal maintenance, our heating and cooling equipment has been quite reliable. It has been nearly a decade now that I’ve lived in our home, most of our neighbors are having to replace their gas furnaces as well as air conditioners.  I wonder now, despite all of careful maintenance, when will our heating and cooling unit wear out. While I’m not anxious about the idea of having to invest in a whole new system, I absolutely don’t want to deal with the cost and sudden failure of the oil furnace in the middle of the brutal winters that we have. I’ve seen the many difficulties faced by our neighbors, who have been left without heat and had to rush into oil furnace replacement.  I suppose, I should begin researching current air conditioners and oil furnaces, check out our options, as well as consult with a local Heating as well as A/C business.

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