This place is far too warm

                                I have never been a fan of the winter; I am one of those women who always run below body temperature. I think I call in sick more days in the winter than I do in the warm season, just because I can’t get out of bed! But, then there is warm season; and, with the warm season heat, comes the annoying odor bugs. As a matter of fact, the other afternoon as I was sitting at my desk working, when one flew right into my hair! It was so repulsive; but,
then it had me getting nervous. The weather was finally starting to sizzle up, and hardly any of days this week, I had to turn on the cooling system to cool down our kids kitchens, so that they could get to sleep. The cool air was a nice change from the constant heater, after one of the worst winters on record. It was not long after I turned it on that I remembered I had not had the warm seasonal repair check done. This was not a good mistake to make! So, when we saw the odor bug, our heart sank. I had not cleaned out the air filters since the winter passed. I knew they were due for a change. The Heating as well as Air conditioning professional usually came this month, however the heat hit sooner than normal. I called up the local provider to transfer up our appointment to this week. My worst fears came true that Monday… When he went into all of the air vents in the house, they were infested with odor bugs. This concluded one horrible realization, the HVAC duct was the source of the problem. He spent two days stripping the mess out as well as replacing the HVAC duct. It cost an extra bundle on top of the correction fee.

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